Justice can be relative; women were burned for witchcraft, and that was perceived by a majority of people as absolute justice. These majority later became a minority, and a new majority introduced a new absolute justice. This happened, is happening, and will continue to the world’s end. Because justice is nothing but pleasing a group of people based on flaky, and fragile rules made by the very same group of people. And these rules change as the group of people changes.

People have always been looking for a solution to this recurring cycle; some invented “gods” and announced their own biased rules and needs as divine law while resisting and silencing other voices of possibly-true “gods”, just because they don’t deem their rules fruitful. Many civilizations created entire mythologies about super-human entities that rule us and have their own conflicts and plans and most definitely rules. Yet very few are looking for absolute justice, unbiased, and ultimately not created by a human being.

We have always been starving for such absolute justice and non-biased ruling that is immune to change; does not adhere to favor, or emotion; and absolutely can not be overpowered by anything.

Seeking divine justice means complete adherence and submission to it. This means no matter what The God ruled, it shall be, it is correct, it is just. Even if the ruling meant the demolition of an entire population. or the damnation of all humans on earth. It’s the decision of the creator; a reality. Prometheus & Sisyphus are great examples of the human manifestation of absolute divine decisions; a terrible eternal fate was cast upon those two for disobeying a divine law, and no one can appeal. The true God faces no consequences; consequences are also divine actions and creations.

Rigor and merciless justice are also sought and appreciated by many; The sinful must be punished, with no compromises. The virtuous must be rewarded, with no compromises. There’s this Japanese tale that tells of an Emperor that imposed tremendous taxes upon the people. People couldn’t take it. Decided that he has nothing to lose, a villager requested to speak to the Emperor, and his request was granted. Wrathfully, he cursed the Emperor and used most-foul language while describing the horrible life his people are living because of the taxes that were imposed by the Emperor. Councilors and butlers were speechless, and everyone was terrified about how the Emperor will react to this ungodly speech. But there was a good quality of this Emperor; he was fair. He took two decisions: First, he abolished the taxes. And second: He ordered the villager’s tongue be cut; as such foul speech is unacceptable, nor can be tolerated in the presence of an Emperor.

Many consider this level of rigor justice perfect, and one cannot blame them when comparing this to Roman mythology’s “justice”. People are willing to accept this as a true justice that will make them feel safe. What if there is more to divine justice?

Allah, Blessed and Most High, has said - and His saying is the Truth: ‘When My slave considers doing something good then write it as one good for him. If he acts upon it then write ten of the same for him. And when he considers doing something evil, then do not write it. If he acts upon it, then write it. If he leaves it" - and perhaps he said: “if he does not act upon it, then write a good reward for him.’ Then he [the Prophet (ﷺ)] recited: Whoever comes with a good, then he shall have ten the like thereof (6:160)
Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

There is more. “One for a one” is not how it’s going to be in every case. We’re created equal, yet we’re all different. And so are our final verdicts, based on our intentions, our actions, and most importantly: Allah’s Mercy, and Justice.

Such there is Night، not Night as ours—Unhappy Folk
J.R.R. Tolkien.

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