Everyone has their own reasons not to put an end to their lives. These reasons often are why many people actually consider putting an end to their life! Ironic and objectively sad. A marksman that mistakes a shadow for a prey sleeps his evenings with neither arrows nor a supper.

Everything that lives refrains from pain. We live our whole lives trying to keep the comfort/discomfort ratio balanced. A “pursuit of happiness” is a façade for an “escape from agony”. We forget this and we’ll run out of arrows soon enough.

Divine laws and man-made rules exist to govern us while we try to maintain and regulate our “balance”. “Wrong” rules lead to an unbalanced ratio. Euphoria can’t be sought. No man can be forever “happy”, at least without chemicals. Yet we keep shooting at the moving shadow; the façade slowly becomes the truth. A false truth that will require new rules and laws, leading to an endless cycle of degradation that completely mutilates the original, absolute truth that once shined in clear light.

Hedonists indulge their every whim to tamper with their “ratio”, not so different from substance addiction—an overwhelming joy that masks every pain there is. Needless to say, their pursuit is full of pain, again, ironic. “It doesn’t solve the thing to dress it in a pretty gown”. Then why bother? If there’s a lever that can completely stop that gauge of our struggle, why don’t we use it? We’ll put an end to both our joy and our agony. It’s our self-created façades that encapsulated us in rules and conventions that shaped our lives from the first day to the last. Living for a worthless “purpose”.

If we destroy these stacked façades, we’ll find the deep, buried truth; absolute balance. Much like a tree, and its roots. If you find nothing beyond your misleading façades. You have every right to search for a “purpose”, but will you drown again in the ocean of abstraction and forget your absolution?

Façades avalanche when the wintry tempests blow, while trees stand still, and the roots grow.

Upside-Down Tree by Muhammad Hashim

The surface matters not;
It’s the roots buried deep,
Strike and leave it to rot,
Renewed again shall be its reed.

Yet oft is such the way of the world, Mankind for the most part of history created laws and rules, we welcomed the absolute divine laws , until we created our own to govern and regulate the divine law itself! Later on we rejected the divine law altogether and stuck to our finicky, fragile man-made laws. Diverging away from the absolute divine truth.

Two random persons have two completely contradicting purposes in life. Does that mean one of them is wrong? Does that mean both of them are wrong? Should we assume that all of us should have the same purpose in life? Should we create our own purpose in life?

Why bother? It’s close to an imaginary friend. A hunter chasing a winged unicorn. Why bother living a lie?

If life itself has a meaning,
Is it anything more than what we choose to call it?
Sweet words make it appealing
But it only serves to mask the smell of what we bury.
Marko Saaresto

Seek the one and only absolute purpose of our existence and live by it. Otherwise, our existence is in vain.

We did that over and over for God-knows how many millennia, and we’re no different now. And the absolute truth stands still. Applicable every time, and in every place. Immutable, Timeless, and Placeless.

Such there is Night، not Night as ours—Unhappy Folk
J.R.R. Tolkien.

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